Lab Dinner 2018

Left to right: Lian Guo, Dan Hall, Andre Baraney, Ciaran Shaughnessy, Steve McCormick, Jessica Norstog, Shotaro Irachi, and Diogo Ferreira Martins Photo Credit: Victoria McCormick

PI Stephen McCormick holding an Atla

PI Stephen McCormick holding an Atlantic sturgeon Photo by Stacia Sower

Circulating hormones in smolts

Changes in circulating hormones during smolt development

Lian Guo with blueback herring

Lian Guo holds an adult blueback herring during an electrofishing trip in Wethersfield Cove, CT. Credit: Jadziah Moonstone


Image of ionocytes in skin of larval tilapia Credit: Junya Hiroi

Field sampling 2018

Ciaran Shaughnessy (left) and Jessica Norstog (right) electrofishing for metamorphic sea lamprey Photo by Shotaro Irachi

Larval blueback herring

Larval blueback herring change rapidly in morphology as they develop (e.g. pigment spots), but those big shiny eyes always stay the same! Credit: Lian Guo

hubbard cage_chq_edited

Setting up a cage study in a stream weir at Hubbard Brook, NH. Photo by Scott Bailey

River herring experimental tanks

Experimental tanks used to test the effects of temperature on juvenile river herring physiology. Credit: Lian Guo

NKA isoforms during smoltification

Changes in Na+,K+-ATPase isoforms during smolt development and seawater exposure. Adapted from: McCormick et al. 2013

Sampling 2017

Diogo uses a microscope to dissect brain regions, Ciaran dissects intestines and kidneys in the middle, and Jessica dissects gill tissues for this lamprey study. Photo Credit: Shotaro Irachi

Dr. McCormick doing some bench work

The PI Dr. Stephen D. McCormick doing some bench work Photo by Diogo Ferreira-Martins

lamprey & cl cells_c_edited

Metamorphic juvenile sea lamprey and their ionocytes (stained red with an antibody for Na+,K+-ATPase) that are responsible for the development of seawater tolerance. Photo by Jonathan Wilson (Journal of Experimental Biology 211: 978-988)

Field sampling 2017

Lamprey metamorphic field sampling, 2017. Photo by Jessica Norstog

From left to right: Shotaro Hiraishi

From left to right: Shotaro Irachi, Ciaran Shaughnessy, Diogo Ferreira Martins, Jessica Norstog on a social event during the 13th International Congress on the Biology of Fish (ICBF 2018), Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Stephen McCormick

Ionocytes through smoltification

Increase in the size and number of ionocytes (stained red with an antibody for Na+,K+-ATPase) during the parr-smolt transformation of Atlantic salmon. Photo by Ryan Pelis (American Journal of Physiology 280: R1844-R1852)

Atlantic salmon gill

Immunohistochemistry staining for ion transporters on a seawater-acclimated salmon gill.

Sea lamprey postmetamorphic juvenile

Sea lamprey postmetamorphic juvenile Photo by Jessica Norstog

Shotaro ICBF Presentation

Shotaro Irachi (left) presenting his work on the effects of deionized water on Atlantic salmon parr to Junya Hiroi (right) at the 13th International Conference on Fish Biology, Calgary, Alberta. Photo by Jessica Norstog

Fyke net sampling

Field sampling of postmetamorphic sea lamprey using a fyke net in Connecticut River tributary in November 2016. Photo by Jessica Norstog

cftr nak_c hq_edited

Changes in Na+,K+-ATPase isoforms during smolt development and seawater exposure. Adapted from: McCormick et al. 2013

messy sampling_chq_edited

Getting ready for some messy sampling in the lab. From left to right: Stephen McCormick, Darren Lerner, Katherine Nieves-Puigdoller Photo by Amy Regish


Electrofishing juvenile salmon on Salmon Brook, CT. Photo by Michael O'Dea

sampling rainbow_chq_edited

Catch and release project on the Alagnak River with Julie Meka. Photo by Brad Baker

smolt sampler_chq_edited

Sampling migrating smolts in the Dennys River, ME. Photo by Stephen McCormick

smith brook_chq_edited

In-stream sampling in Smith Brook, VT. Photo by Stephen McCormick

night sampling_chq_edited

Sampling juvenile alewives at night in Brides Pond, CT. Photo by Stephen McCormick

USGS Conte Lab Physiology team 2014

USGS Conte Lab Physiology team 2014

acid_al_sampling_c hq_edited

Dr. John Kelly collects water samples to measure inorganic aluminum levels in the Swift River, NH. Photo by Michael O'Dea